Black CGS

The latest in Roulette Number Display technology now available. These LCD displays are visually attractive and will enhance your players gaming experience. Stay above the competition and provide your roulette table with a professional display that also gives you statistical data for game analysis.


     Instant determination of the winning number;

  • Game tracking and giving out the appropriate signals: "Place Your Bets", "Last Bets", "No More Bets", "The Ball Landed" to the local area network;
  • Free of optical sensors on the roulette wheel;
  • Automatic adjustment ;
  • Gathering of statistics information;
  • Possibility of installation on any roulette wheel with colored (one or more colors) separator cells;
  • High reliability;
  • Compact controller

New Multimedia:

  • Adaptive design;
  • Real Sim technology;
  • TV and advertisement demonstration;
  • Animation corresponding to winning number;
  • SpinView functionality video recording of roulette table (from external camera) and playback records for 9 latest games;

New Information:

  • Statistics on simple bets, on dozens and columns , hot and cool numbers;
  • Maximal and minimal bets on the table;
  • Dealers name;
  • Creeping line;
  • Managing through local area network or by remote control;


 Additional features of the system:

  • Original design;
  • New technology Real Sim (Reality Simulation), which makes it possible to graphically display all the events happening on the roulette wheel ;
  • Statistics on simple bets, hot and cool numbers;