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Introducing the fully automated, computer controlled, multi station roulette machine with classic ergonomic designing, built in Europe to the highest standards, by Abaco.

Available in a 5 or 8 player model, each player  station is equipped with 17 LCD screen and a soft-touch keyboard featuring several buttons, enabling fast and simple playing.

The software package enables you to manage all aspects of the system, such as viewing the betting history for each player station, display the last ten winning numbers, credit in/out status and much more.

Abaco roulette 8AR


Voltage: AC 110 / 220/V 50-60Hz, Consumption: 800W

Width: 2620 mm, Length: 2810 mm Height: 2450 mm

Weight: 950 Kg

Abaco roulette 5AR


Voltage: AC 110 / 220/V 50-60Hz, Consumption: 600W

Width: 2620 mm, Length: 2030 mm Height: 2450 mm

Weight: 750 Kg


These machines can be configured with bill validators, coin, ticket printers and or key in/out credit. To insure fair play, the computer randomly changes the rotating speed of the Roulette wheel and the speed at which the ball is launched for each game. The betting times can also be changed. This totally eliminates any predictability of the winning  number. Contact us for latest pricing info. Possibly available with payment terms or on participation.